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Parish Online

Is the data I add to my Parish Online account stored securely?

Data security is our highest priority. There are multiple layers of security embedded into Parish Online that ensure every piece of data is only available to those who have the right permissions to access it.

All Parish Online accounts are password protected, and the user manager module enables you to control who can access and edit the information you have stored.

How can I extract address information from Parish Online to create a mailing list?

There are 4 simple steps to creating a mailing list of addresses in Parish Online:

How often is the map data in Parish Online updated?

Keeping the map data in Parish Online up-to-date is one of our most important tasks. We have a team dedicated to checking and receiving updates for all the layers we include to make sure that you are always provided with the most current information.

If I create a map in Parish Online using the Print tool, can I share it online or in print?

Yes - as a Parish Online subscriber you will also have a PSMA licence. This entitles you to use that map for anything deemed part of the Council's activity and a benefit for your residents.

So you can;

How can I get the map to the exact scale for printing?

In the Print tool there's an option that allows you to set the exact scale you want the Print to PDF tool to produce. Choose from one of the drop-down options or choose 'Custom' and enter the scale you want directly. The red rectangle marker will change to reflect your new chosen scale. (Hint: Make sure that the information you want to display is still within the red rectangle).

Can I try the software before committing to purchasing an annual subscription?

Yes – We believe it is important for you to get to know the software and get a feel for what it can do before you commit to purchasing an annual subscription.  You can sign up for a free 30 day evaluation by going to our registration page. This will give you full access to your account with no restrictions on tools, data or usage; the only items you won’t have access to are the Bolt-Ons including Data Upload support, User Manager Module and Public Map Module.

Can I upload layers into Parish Online such as tree surveys?

You can, although we’ll need to help you to ensure the data works the best that it can in your Parish Online account. Just send us your data in an email, we’ll then upload it and process it for you and let you know when it is ready.

We can accept data in most standard GIS (Geographic Information Systems) formats including ESRI Shapefile and Mapinfo TAB files. We can also process point data from a survey or GPS system in a CSV file as long as it has columns for the coordinates.

Can I add more users to my account and limit their editing capabilities?

Yes – Your standard account comes with a single set of login details that you can share among council members but with the User Manager Module you can create and manage up to 10 individual user accounts and control what they can access.

The User Manager Module costs just £25/yr and is available by contacting our support team. When it is added to your account it will appear in the control and will automatically create 4 new user accounts, one for each access level available. These are:

Is it possible to put maps from Parish Online on our public website?

Yes – Our public map module is a great tool that enables you to embed an interactive map into a page on your website. This links directly to your Parish Online account so any updates you make to the information in a layer will automatically be visible on your public site.

Can I create my Neighbourhood Plan maps in Parish Online?

Yes, Parish Online is a great way to cost-effectively produce maps for use in Neighbourhood Plans.

How far you take it is up to you. You can simply use the Print and Export features to produce a map of your Local Council displaying your boundary, or you can create additional information such as neighbourhood boundaries, proposed development areas, locations of amenities etc to layer on top of the map.


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