Quick and efficient WMS data feeds

  • Fully OGC compliant
  • Easy to implement, compatible with the majority of GIS desktop software and web interfaces plus design packages
  • Fast map refresh times, recognised as one of the fastest Web Map Service (WMS) services available 
  • A range of base datasets available including all scales of Ordnance Survey mapping plus aerial photography and rastorised height data
  • Used extensively by commercial businesses plus public sector organisations including Central Government, Local Authorities and National Parks
  • Competitive annual subscription based pricing

Data Streaming - WMS Feeds

  • Fully OGC compliant Web Map Service (WMS) data feeds
  • Fast delivery of raster data sets to packages including ESRI, MapInfo, CadCorp, QGIS, Global Mapper as well as Autocad and IDOX Uniform 
  • Feed all scales of OS mapping data including licensed and open data 
  • Stream of all epochs of Getmapping aerial imagery plus derived data such as colour infrared and rastorised height data
  • Also available as a Web Map Tile Service (WMTS)
  • The ability to host, manage and stream any 3rd party raster data set
  • Fast map refresh speed; our map refresh rate has been found to be 5 times faster than the “OGC Quality of Service” benchmark of 5 seconds
  • Composite data feeds available for mapping and aerial imagery ensuring users always view data at the appropriate scale
  • Continual updates ensure that users are always working with the most current data sets available
  • Overlay different epochs of imagery for comparison
  • Managed data feeds including the provision of subcontractor and short term access
  • Different styling options available including faded and grey-scale OS mapping layers
  • Reduced data storage costs as we host and maintain all data in our award winning data centre
  • All updates managed by Getmapping allowing internal resource to be used more efficiently


Used extensively by commercial businesses plus public sector organisations including Central Government, Local Authorities and National Parks.

  • Planning enforcement
  • Boundary disputes
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Asset and land classification
  • Highways management
  • Utility infrastructure management


  • The WMS service supports Version 1.3.0 as the default WMS Version, as well as the older versions 1.1.1 and 1.1.0
  • The image type returned from the WMS will be in PNG or JPEG file format as requested by the client
  • Average uptime of 99.983% provided to our users since the beginning of 2012
  • Getmapping is fully accredited to ISO9001, 14001 and 27001, ensuring that we deliver high quality, sustainable and secure services to our large customer base
  • Getmapping provide technical support 24/7 for all of our data services


The following tutorials show how to use Getmapping's data feeds in different software applications

Tutorial - MapInfo Professional

Tutorial - ESRI ArcGIS Desktop

Having the imagery as a WMS feed was really convenient, we simply subscribed to the feed from within our GIS and had immediate access to a seamless layer of high resolution imagery. There is no data to manage, and no servers to update.

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