Bespoke surveys to capture high resolution 360˚ panoramic street-level imagery

  • Capture street level imagery and overlay with your GIS data
  • Conduct accurate site visits without leaving your desk
  • Compare time and date stamped imagery

Surveys - Street Layer

  • Street level imagery captured to your specification using a multi sensor high resolution camera 
  • Capture imagery of specific areas such as airports, tow-paths, cycle paths and even inland waterways
  • Images are processed into geographic space using high grade GPS
  • Imagery is time stamped allowing for detailed and accurate analysis
  • Data delivered via our Online GIS or API and can be easily integrated into your existing GIS
  • Take vertical, horizontal and diagonal line measurements, plus area measurements
  • Compare old and new imagery side by side and view multiple images at once
  • Pricing calculated on the number of line kilometres captured, spacing required and frequency of updates


The capture of Street Layer data is being commissioned for use in different industries and applications.

  • Local Authorities: highway maintenance, call centres and resident support and planning conformity
  • Retail: volume and pedestrian flow analysis
  • Utilities: risk analysis, overhead cable positioning, underground asset overlays
  • Emergency Services: view of locations before arrival, measurement of heights for ladders, location of hazardous materials


  • Animated view of Getmapping's Street Layer survey
  • Resolution: 14fps at 1/8 resolution
  • Recent video footage from a Street Layer survey undertaken in Winchfield, Hampshire
  • Purpose Limitation: This imagery was captured with the purpose of surveying. No personal information has been captured intentionally

Getmapping Street Layer imagery and its integration into our Online GIS has made it possible to reduce site visits, fuel costs and carbon emissions whilst improving customer response times.

Martin Laker, GIS Manager Bath & North East Somerset Council

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