Management Team

Getmapping has an established and experienced management team, all of whom have worked in their aerial survey and mapping industry for some time.  Meet the senior management team below.

Dave Horner,  Group Managing Director

Dave heads up the Getmapping Group and is focused on building sustainable growth through long term strategic partnerships that deliver value to our clients, our partners and our supply chain globally. Dave has a wealth of practical experience in the geomatics industry having spent fifteen years as a technical specialist, before stepping up into various management positions. Dave took on his present role as Managing Director of Getmapping 6 years ago.

Martin Tocher, Group Innovation Director

Martin has worked in the geospatial industry for over 20 years and was a founder of Getmapping’s South African subsidiary Geosense. Martin has been responsible for Getmapping operations for the last 15 years overseeing the incorporation of large format digital cameras into the company’s workflows and positioning Getmapping as the main supplier of aerial photography and derived products in the UK. Martin is assisting Geosense in expanding into Africa and utilising Getmapping’s sensors and equipment across the globe. 

Gil Melham,  Group Operations Director

Gillian has a wealth of experience in managing global operations, logistics, supply chains and customer services, as well as a strong background in procurement, business development and strategic execution. Gillian’s remit includes the development of stronger operational capabilities across the Group’s operations in Europe, Africa and the Gulf. In addition, she  oversees the implementation of new services, including the recently launched Mobile Mapping division. 

Peter Tory,  Group Finance Director

Peter is a Chartered Accountant with over 30 years’ experience at board level in the UK and North America, directing both public and private companies.  For 12 years he was CFO of a leading independent quoted oil & gas exploration and production company.  Peter is responsible for ensuring the Group’s development is securely financed and that proper financial controls and structures are in place.  Peter is also responsible for the company secretarial function.  

Gregg Daly,  Group Sales Director

Gregg has a strong background in business and strategic market development and brings a wealth of experience from 20+ years working in Sales with organisations such as Hewlett Packard, Oracle, the BBC and News Corp. Gregg’s role at Getmapping is to support the future growth plans of the business by leading the key aspects of our sustainable growth initiatives in both Europe and Africa.  

Matt Murphy, Managing Director, Geosense

Matt has a Master’s degree in Environmental Geology with Remote Sensing and co-founded Getmapping's South African subsidiary Geosense Limited with two former colleagues of the National Remote Sensing Centre in Farnborough UK. Matt has been working in the geo-information industry for 20 years, initially in geological remote sensing and for the past 15 years, as Managing Director of Geosense Limited in South Africa where he has gained a wealth of experience in aerial survey using Digital Cameras and LiDAR sensors.  In addition to Matts technical skills he has acted as project lead on a number of high profile projects throughout Southern Africa and his focus now is to ensure the continuing growth of the business in the Southern African region.

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